As of this Friday, December 6th it is official! Our beloved supply priest, the Rev. Dr. Charles Mayer, will sign his contract for quarter time work with us here at the Sister Parishes.

As we all have learned, he brings unusual talent to this work. “Charlie” offers insight, guidance, and an ever-listening ear. He will be covering for me one Sunday each month and also coming into the parishes one day each week (divided evenly between the two.) His title is Assisting Priest and his weekly duties will be largely centered on pastoral visitations. As we get closer to 2020, a rough calendar of his coverage will be published.

Mo. Cooper, Deacon Dorothee, and the Vestries all look forward to working with him. Please plan to join us in praying for and celebrating this new ministry by coming to our signing ceremony 6:00 PM at St. Paul’s this Friday, the 6th. All are welcome. It will be followed by a reception at Trinity at 7:30 PM.

May God bless and guide us as we share this new chapter.