Fertile ground to grow your faith

Like the mustard seed, we need fertile soil to grow. Education for Ministry (EfM) is like that fertile soil and we are the mustard seeds. Learning about the Old and New Testaments, church history, and discovering theology is the light shining on the soil, warming it so the seed will sprout.

Bringing the light of what we learn to share in an intimate group setting each week allows for insights and growth — new affirmations and understandings — that can sustain and support us in our lives as Christians living day-to-day in the world.

For the interested or just curious, visit efm.sewanee.edu. There is lots of helpful information, including sample lessons on the website. New EfM years begin in October. For more information or to sign up, contact John Deuel at (914) 473-4233 or john.deuel@gmail.com.