The Clergy and Staff

The Rev. J. Cooper Conway
Mother Cooper is a graduate of the General Theological Seminary and the Center for Christian Spirituality at General. She served the Church as an interim minister for more than 10 years before she settled down with us, at Trinity.

As the Priest-in-Charge of two parishes, Trinity and St. Paul’s on the Hill, which are different in style, she says she “has the best of both worlds.”

Her favorite prayer is one written by Teresa of Avila:

Let nothing upset thee,
Nothing afright thee,
All things are passing:
God never changeth.
Patience endurance to all things attaineth
In whom God possesseth nothing is lacking.



The Rev. Dorothee R. Caulfield

Christopher Fasulo
Minister of Music

Tamsen Hernandez
Parish Administrator

Pablo Montoya

Katherine Pendzuk
Treasurer and Verger