The pipe organ at Trinity Episcopal Church is a two-manual, tracker style instrument of 24 ranks (1,185 pipes) located on the left side of the Chancel. It was built in 1978 by Paul Ott of Göttingen, Germany, and is a free-standing instrument located in the space formerly occupied by the previous organ. Trinity’s pipe organ is the largest instrument by Paul Ott located in the United States. The organ has rosewood keys, an enclosed “Brustwerk” division, and a two-octave set of Mayland chimes (located high on the wall on the opposite side of the Chancel) from the previous organ.

Organ Specifications

Hauptwerk – Manual One – C1 to G5
8’ Prinzipal
8’ Rohrflöte
4’ Oktave
4’ Gedackt
2’ Waldflöte
– III-IV Mixtur
8’ Trompete
– Zimbelstern
Tremulant – Hauptwerk

Pedal – C1 to F3
16’ Subbass
8’ Oktavbass
4’ Oktave
16’ Posaune
Brustwerk – Manual Two (enclosed) – C1 to G5
8’ Holz Gedackt
4’ Spillflöte
2 2/3’ Nasat
2’ Prinzipal
1 3/5’ Terz
1 1/3’ Quinte
– II Zimbel
8’ Krummhorn
Tremulant – Brustwerk

Brustwerk to Hauptwerk
Brustwerk to Pedal
Hauptwerk to Pedal

Mayland Chimes – G2 to G4
Playable from separate keyboard