Deacon Dorothee leads Compline on Tuesday in Holy Week, April 7:

Fr. Mayer leads on Monday in Holy Week, April 6:

Fr. Mayer leads our Evening Gathering, April 4:

Deacon Dorothee leads Compline, April 3:

Fr. Mayer prays with us on April 2:

Mo. Cooper leads us on April 1:

Deacon Dorothee and the service of Compline, March 31:

Mo. Cooper leads our Evening Gathering, March 30:

Fr. Mayer and the service of Compline, March 28:

Deacon Dorothee offers Compline, March 27:

Fr. Mayer gathers us on March 26th:

Mo. Cooper’s Evening Thoughts, March 25th:

Deacon Dorothee leads Compline, March 24th:

Mo. Cooper’s Evening Gathering Thoughts on March 23rd:

Fr. Charlie reads Compline on March 21st:

Here is Fr. Charlie’s Service of Compline from March 19th:

Here is Mo. Cooper’s Evening Gathering from March 18th: