Come Share the Mystery As We Celebrate Our 150th Anniversary!

We are a small, diverse group of people who share a dedication to offering beautiful worship, service to the local community, and a deepening of individual spiritual development. Music coming from both traditional and modern sources is central in our Sunday service.

Like most Episcopal churches, our worship comes from the Book of Common Prayer and alternates between the celebration of the Eucharist (Communion) on the first and third Sundays and Morning Prayer on the second and fourth. Unlike many other Episcopal churches, our Eucharist/Communion celebration is done in a traditional Eastward-facing style, which means that many of the prayers are addressed toward the cross above the altar. As a result, the priest and people all face in the same direction, offering their prayers together toward the principal symbol of our faith. Psalms and Communion prayers are sung by the choir and the priest, with the congregation joining in to sing the Lord’s Prayer. If you have never experienced a “high church” liturgy, you may be surprised by the beauty and simplicity of the service.

For us, social justice is an outgrowth of our prayer and community worship. We provide space for the Ossining Food Pantry, Community Voices Heard, and Loaves and Fish (an interfaith dinner program). Further, our members volunteer at those organizations as well as participating in REPAIR (Rivertown Episcopal Parishes Action on Inclusion and Race) and also in local community concerns like voter registration.

We hope you will visit us to discover for yourself the joys and strength of sharing in the mystery of worship and service!